With a background in computer science, Yizhe is a Hardcore-Painter-To-Be. She was born in Guangzhou China, spent her teenage years in Singapore, and received her BA at the University of Michigan in 2019 - GO BLUE! However, as a School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts graduate, Yizhe is currently working and living in New York City. Her paintings are exhibited on the Art News of China online art museum, while several others were collected by various institutions. Also, she is allergic to mango the fruit.

Artist Statement

(for the latest works)

To see takes time. 

From my perspective, New York City’s numerous blocks repeat themselves and thus form patterns; the city’s lights, shadows, and architecture also create ambiguous geometries together. Chaotic and isolated patterns of the cityscape guided my painting compositions while I analyze phenomena shaped by the natural and artificial lights of the cityscape.

Investigating confined and infinitespaces by using two-dimensional surfaces is a crucial part of my practice. Idepict new mapping of forms from buildings and their textures by processingelementary geometric shapes and structures to remain ambiguous. The cityappears as one gigantic circuit to me – roads as wires and buildings aselectronic components, and it is now temporarily shut down due to theCoronavirus outbreak. I carefully plan each painting composition beforehandjust like designing a circuit or machine blueprints. For color selection, Ihave designed and written a computer program, coded with the language Python,that generates random numbers for ratios among primary colors and greys. Then,I follow the obtained data to mix colors and apply them based on how I feelwhen examining my composition on canvas and the actual colors of the city invarious lighting. Eventually, I carefully layer paints slowly whilecontemplating various surface textures, because it, too, takes time to documentthe city’s presence and create my own city at this very special time in theentire human history. 

The installations of my paintings also create a context as I try to develop the illusion of space through a specific way of displaying. The paintings thus appear more like three-dimensional objects instead of two-dimensional surfaces. This method enables my works to function as objects or multiple small windows connecting to the real city outside. When these paintings are hung on the wall together, they present interconnected individual worlds. 

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